3V Tech Spa

Indirizzo: Via Friuli, 19 - 24044 Dalmine (BG)
Telefono: 035 0761651
Fax: 035 565656
E-mail: info@3v-tech.com
Sito: http://www.3v-tech.com/
3V Tech Spa

3V Tech is a leading provider of advanced process systems and equipment for the process industries.

The company consists of 4 well-known brands:

  • COGEIM, provider of Filters & Filter-Dryers.
  • MABO, provider of Thin Film Evaporators.
  • GLASSCOAT, provider of Glasslined Equipment.
  • PROCESS, provider of complete process systems/plants & technology.

This unique combination of expertise makes us a single-source partner for all of our client needs.