Orion Spa Steel Valves

Indirizzo: Via Caboto, 8 - 34147 TRIESTE (TS)
Telefono: +39 040 813204
Fax: +39 040 811203
E-mail: sales@orionvalves.com
Sito: http://www.orionvalves.com/

The Company has a world market distribution network and sells its products both to engineering companies and to end users, manufacturing a complete line of steel gate, globe and check valves, as well as a variety of specialty valves such as Y-Pattern, Bellows Seal and valves for specialized services such as Alkylation, Cryogenic and Lethal service.
ORION products represent the best the market can offer both from the standpoint of quality of materials incorporated and standard of workmainship. All ORION valves are produced by employng the best raw material, carefully selected, correctly identified and analyzed.
The machining is carried out with the latest equipments according to the most up-to-date methods.
All ORION products are constantly tested and inspected to ensure that governing standards and tolerances are strictly complied with.

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