Air Torque Spa

Indirizzo: Via dei Livelli di Sopra, 11 - 24060 Costa di Mezzate (BG)
Telefono: 035 682299
Fax: 035 687791

Founded in 1990, Air Torque Spa became in few years one of the worldwide leading manufacturer of rack and pinion pneumatic actuators in aluminium (#attuatori).
Placed in the Northern Italy, 60Km far from Milan, in less than 20 years the Air Torque brand clearly identifies the pneumatic actuators, becoming synonym of quality, design and reliability.

With the continuous care to the customers needs, today as in the past, Air Torque Spa develops innovative products.
The clear result is the widest range offer in terms of actuators models and sizes.
This has been possible thanks to a combination of long field experience, innovative spirit, well-known reliability in actuator design and high quality manufacturing level aided by a highly qualified Western Europe components suppliers.

The experience in several fields of application as:
– chemical
– petrochemical
– pharmaceutical
– power generation
– pulp and paper
– water treatment
– food and beverage
– oil and gas

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