Indirizzo: Via Mosca, 32 - 00142 Roma (RM)
Telefono: +39 06 512231
E-mail: aps@aps.it
Sito: https://www.aps.it/

Founded in Rome in 1997, APS operates mainly in the field of Oil & Gas, Refining included, and Petrochemicals and covers all phases of Industrial Plant realization, from Feasibility studies to EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction).

The technological know-how comes from the heritage left by CTIP, the former International Contractor, founded in 1934. Through a lot of experiences, APS has succeeded to extend the boundaries of its activity taking part in international tenders and getting contracts for the realization of Lump Sum Turn Key plants.

Today the Company counts over 300 people and is composed of a multidisciplinary group of engineers (chemical, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation, civil, environmental) that guarantees an integrated, versatile and high Design Level.


  • Build strong partnership with our stakeholders within a win-win context and promote mutually beneficial relationships. Seek out and select the business ideas that best serve common goals.
  • Trust in human capital as the most successful factor of our business. Value our people and develop their talent effectively. Build teams with strong collaboration spirit all aiming at the top quality for the successful realization of the projects.


Generate prosperity in full safety and reliability. We believe in work as generator of new opportunities and we help our stakeholders to release their creative energy to find new solutions. Our challenge is to ensure the right services and to create wealth for community.
We guarantee the best performance designing energy all together.


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