Renco Spa

Indirizzo: V.le Venezia, 53 - 61121 PESARO (PA)
Telefono: 0721 43331
Fax: 0721 400924

Renco Spa, an Italian company founded in 1979, is continually committed to providing its Clients with sound business solutions in an ever increasingly complex and challenging environment.
Since its foundation, Renco constantly strives to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions through evolving know-how, innovative approaches and proven practices tailored to Clients’ needs. Renco, formed as a limited liability company, worked initially in project design and engineering within the Oil & Gas Sector.

Today, the company has diversified its activities to encompass a wide variety of services meeting its Clients’ constantly evolving needs. Renco’s core activities include consulting services, provision of technical staff, and engineering and construction services for the energy, oil & gas and civil infrastructures sectors.

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