Siirtec Nigi Engineering Contractors

Indirizzo: Via Algardi 2 - 20148 Milano (MI)
Telefono: 02 392231
Fax: 02 39223010

We are an engineering and contracting company operating in the oil & gas and refining industries for more than 80 years.

We provide a full range of services covering design and supply of turnkey plants, skid-mounted and modular packages and special process equipment in the field of oil and gas treatment, sulphur recovery and acid gas removal.

Our company has its own technologies for Claus tail gas treatment (High Claus Ratio – HCR™ technology), sulphur degassing and provides customized engineering solutions in compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations. We have gained remarkable experience in designing and supplying Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU) and the related ancillary units, from small modularized units to large sulphur production plants. Last but not least, we have supplied the largest Gas Treatment Plants installed upstream the compression station for international transmission of natural gas through a pipeline.

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