Gruppo Asa

Indirizzo: Strada dei Censiti, 18-20 - 47891 Falciano (Repubblica di San Marino)
Telefono: +39 0549 905275
Fax: +39 0549 908643

ASA is the first independent group in Italy in the field of General Line metal packaging and the fourth biggest group in Europe. Since 1961, Gruppo ASA has offered innovative and top-quality solutions for the food (especially oil and dehydrated milk) and chemical (paint and thinner) industries.

The Company’s headquarters are in the Republic of San Marino. Thanks to constant development, today, Gruppo ASA includes 7 plants in Italy, Switzerland and the UK. It supplies its products to over 1,000 customers in more than 30 countries and transforms about 42,000 tons of tinplate into cans every year.

We achieved this goals thanks to the commitment of and collaboration with our 500 partners. Also the guidance of the third-generation leaders of the owning family has played a crucial role since they have continued along the way of professional enrichment of the people who work for the Group and protection of the environment as fundamental factors of progress and success.

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