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Indirizzo: Via Giotto, 3 - 20835 Muggiò (MB)
Telefono: +39 039 27141
Fax: +39 039 2714300

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In oil and gas applications, reliability and safety are essential. To support the industry’s highly regulated, mission-critical operations, John Crane offers a wide range of innovative services and applied engineering solutions. Our experienced sales and engineering staff help select, design and apply sealing systems for even the most challenging conditions, and John Crane products meet the highest industry standards for containment of fugitive emissions. We also have 90+ test rigs available to ensure components can operate with maximum reliability when subjected to specific environmental conditions. And with more than 200 global rapid-response locations, assistance is available whenever and wherever our customers need it.

Though the wide range of equipment required by the chemical industry poses a challenge, it’s one well met by John Crane. We have hands-on experience with virtually every style and standard of rotating equipment, and we’ve developed a broad range of solutions with proven application success:

  • FDA-recognized seal faces and elastomers
  • Cartridge seals and support systems that meet global standards
  • Products for use on non-metallic or glass-coated equipment
  • Seals in exotic alloys that accommodate highly corrosive and abrasive applications
  • Innovative filtration of process flow to ensure required process purity

Plus, our 200 global rapid-response facilities ensure that our chemical industry customers are never far from service, repair or support.

As an innovator in applied engineering, John Crane is well equipped to address the unique and challenging requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. We engineer our products to meet the industry’s safety and reliability standards — as well as local environmental regulations — so that our chemical processing customers can increase their uptime and lower their license fees. From clean-in-place components to batch documentation and certification of material integrity, John Crane provides pharmaceutical processing companies with the engineered components and services they need.

The high volumes and abrasiveness associated with wastewater and clean water management pose a significant challenge when it comes to designing the supporting equipment. Because the ratio of water to abrasive material from a single source can change frequently, every component has to be durable enough to withstand extreme abrasiveness and still perform reliably. That’s where John Crane comes in. Our products provide cost-effective solutions that reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of equipment used in all types of clean water and wastewater applications, from filtration to chlorination.

Manufacturing Site Italy:

Corso Europa 92 – Solaro (MI), Lombardia 20020
TEL: +39 02 967974 – FAX: +39 02 967974550

Sales / Service Centers Italy:

    Via Giotto 3 – Muggiò (MI) 20835
    TEL: +39 039 27141 FAX: +39 039 2714300
    Via C.Battisti 5 – Olmo di Martellago (VE) 30080
    TEL: +39 041 5460010 – FAX: +39 041 5460285
    Via Firenze 2 – Loc. La Chiusa – Collesalvetti (LI) 57014
    TEL: +39 0586 961568 – FAX: +39 0586 964848
    Via del Trattutrello Tarantino 6 – Taranto 74100
    TEL: +39 099 4730445 – FAX: +39 099 4722073
    S.P. ex S.S. 114 km 4,370 – Priolo (SR) 96010
    TEL: +39 0931 761214 – FAX: +39 0931 761286
    SS. 131 Km 12.600 – Sestu (CA) 9028
    TEL: +39 070 22293 – FAX: +39 070 22295


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