Saras Spa

Indirizzo: Galleria de Cristoforis 1 - 20122 Milano (MI)
Telefono: 02 77371
Fax: 02 76020640

Saras aims to become a reference point as a provider of sustainable energy that fuels people’s lives.
Its main assets/activities are:

One of the biggest high complexity refinery in the Mediterranean Sea
300,000 barrels per day of refining capacity (about 15% of Italy’s total refining capacity);
More than 80% of production is of medium and light distillates with low environmental impact (mainly diesel and gasoline);
Integration with petrochemical and electricity production.
IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle): one of the largest liquid fuel gasification plant in the world that converts heavy refining residues into clean gas, with limited environmental impact, which is subsequently used in power generation
575 MW of installed power;
Three independent trains for gasification and production;
Electricity production in excess of 4 terawatt-hours per year.
Marketing activities in Italy and Spain
Wholesale sales of oil products with high added value and low environmental impact, such as low sulphur gasoil and gasoline;
Two storage facilities for distribution of products at Arcola (Italy) and Cartagena (Spain);
Retail business mainly located in the South of Spain through approx. 100 retail stations.
Trading activities
through Saras Trading SA established on September 4th, 2015 in Geneva
Generation of electricity from renewable sources
Wind farm with capacity of 96 MW in Ulassai (Sardinia).
Presence in industrial engineering services for the oil sector.

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