Starline Spa

Indirizzo: Via dei Livelli di Sopra, 11 - 24060 Costa di Mezzate (BG)
Telefono: 035 958041
Fax: 035 958413

Since its foundation on 1976 Starline has been focus only on production of Ball Valves in Forged Materials. After more than 35 Years the imprinting philosophy is still present and the base for the Company growth and success. Starting from the experience on the floating valves during the years, Starline has developed a wide and complete range of ball valves in different materials and executions introducing Trunnion Mounted design, Single and Double Block and Bleed, Metal to Metal, Cryogenic and High temperature design.

Starting with a Master distribution network in Europe consisting of five Starline Companies and several Exclusive Distributors, the business then was expanded to all the World introducing new Distributors and Agents able to provide sales coverage and also stock availability and service and technical support worldwide to the growing customers.

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