EPOCH 2019, Salonicco (Greece)

16 - 17 settembre 2019
Epoch 2019
Makedonia Palace Hotel, Thessaloniki (Greece)

The Exploration and Production Offshore Congress Hub (EPOCH 2019) is a closed-door upstream event which explores the topics like the offshore sector in the Mediterranean, monetization of natural gas resources, cost efficiency and sustainable profitability, optimization solutions for deepwater operations, best practices in offshore exploration, West Africa as an emerging market, and much more.

During the last few years Oil&Gas sector had a difficult time surviving in brutal low-price environment. However only now the industry future becomes brighter and oil prices seem to remain stable. How to adapt offshore active companies’ business models to the period of recovery and what are the main predictions for the upcoming decade?
In meantime world is increasingly looking towards new regions of global opportunities, in particular West Africa and Mediterranean with rich resources in subsea oil and gas are rated by many as possibilities and a promising market for the whole offshore value chain.

BGS Group is launching the next edition of the Exploration & Production Offshore Congress Hub (EPOCH 2019), a closed-door upstream event co-hosted by Hellenic Petroleum for experts in Offshore Oil&Gas industry.

Key topics of epoch 2019:

  • Offshore Sector in Mediterranean
  • Monetization of Natural Gas Resources
  • Cost Efficiency and Sustainable Profitability
  • Optimization Solutions for Deepwater Operations
  • Best Practices in Offshore Exploration
  • West Africa as an Emerging Market
  • Efficient project management in offshore
  • Offshore Pipelines and Risers
  • Asset Integrity and Lifetime Extension

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