Global LNG Forum 2020, Milano (Italy)

19 - 20 Febbraio 2020

Global LNG Forum


Starhotels Premium Business Palace - Via Privata Pietro Gaggia, 3 - 20139 Milano MI, Italia

Global LNG Forum is an exclusive networking and knowledge-sharing platform for top experts and business leaders in the industry. You will get a premium opportunity to address urgent questions and engage in heated discussions on LNG trends and market forecasts with industry stakeholders as well as exchange contacts and potentially start new partnerships with decision makers.

Key topics

  • Small Scale LNG Projects
  • Global LNG market outlook: changes in gas demand and supply
  • Most significant challenges LNG industry to face in the near future
  • The 2020 IMO fuel sulphur regulation – the need of a developed LNG infrastructure
  • Lesser known Bio-LNG – huge potential and challenges of producing
  • LNG as ship fuel – how to overcome obstacles and make it more attractive for shipowners
  • Latest technological developments and prospects for wider use of LNG as fuel for land transport
  • The benefits of small-scale LNG: project flexibility and cost-effectiveness
  • LNG terminals – their contribution to the global LNG market



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