Global Oil&Gas Uzbekistan 2017, Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

17 - 19 Maggio 2017
Global Oil&Gas Uzbekistan
Uzekspocentre Exhibition Centre, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The OGU Exhibition plays a key role in connecting thousands of oil and gas professionals and businesses with Uzbekistan’s government bodies. This is a key reason why companies continue to participate annually since the event’s inception in 1996.

The OGU Conference has become a prestigious and leading congress for the oil and gas industry in Uzbekistan, attracting local and international government organisations, experts and senior decision-makers who share their insights on the latest industry trends, projects and developments.

Global Oil&Gas Uzbekistan is a part of specialized series of international oil and gas exhibitions and conferences: MIOGE (Russia-Moscow), KIOGE (Kazakhstan – Almaty), Caspian Oil & Gas (Azerbaijan – Baku), TUROGE (Turkey – Ankara), OGT (Turkmenistan – Ashgabat), GIOGE (Georgia – Tbilisi) and others.

“…Over the years, it has become a really high platform for not only exchanging views and opinions, but also for developing business contacts, identifying the best mechanisms for cooperation in one of the leading sectors of the economy. We are pleased to see the growing interest to this event. Every year, in mid-May, Tashkent welcomes visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. We always have something to share about practical results of innovations of hydrocarbon production in the domestic market. ” A.S. Sultanov First Deputy Chairman of the Board NHC “Uzbekneftegaz”, Uzbek Journal of Oil and Gas.


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