Industry Strategy Symposium Europe 2022, Bruxelles (Belgium)

30 Maggio 2022
ISS Europe
Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel, Aeroporto di Bruxelles-National (BRU), Bruxelles, Belgio

The Industry Strategy Symposium Europe—ISS Europe gathers executives and high-level experts to provide microelectronics market projections and insights into the latest economic and societal trends, geopolitics, and technologies shaped by the microelectronics industry. Access valuable strategic content and network with other executives to help identify new business opportunities and grow your business.

2022 is a critical year for industry leaders to focus on maneuvering forward to a new normal by proactively capitalizing on growth opportunities for Europe and building sustainable and more resilient operations moving forward. To do so, our industry is accelerating activities that are of critical importance to Europe and that can become of competitive advantage, while positively impacting future societies and climate.

ISS Europe 2022 Program

SESSION 1: Making Environmental Sustainability Happen

COP 26 brought into sharp focus the enormous challenges that must be faced if we are to “keep 1.5 alive”. Now that the electronics industry is clearly established as the heart of industrial and societal life and development, we have a core responsibility to help address, or even lead, efforts to meet these challenges.
Data management, communications and computing technologies are expanding rapidly with significant energy use implications.
As fab capacity increases dramatically to meet demand, the need for implementing environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques becomes essential. Luckily, our community has a world beating record of individual and collaborative development.
This session will explore how to include a comprehensive focus on sustainability, embed “green” practices and target disruptive innovations to reach the environmental goals now being established worldwide. 

SESSION 2: Longevity of the Semiconductor Industry through Social Responsibility

Leading organizations within the semiconductor industry have been embracing CSR in integrated reporting paving the way for the industry to enable healthier and prosperous future societies, at the same time building stronger talent pipelines that represent diverse communities around the globe.
The current talent crisis and social responsibility can no longer be held in second consideration. This session will offer strategies for empowering the next generation of semiconductor professionals. Experts will take a deep dive into internal organizational strategies and initiatives for a healthier and more inclusive work environment. Key projects impacting societies by creating industry role models and clear takeaways for leaders will be also presented.

SESSION 3: Strengthening Europe by Resilience in the Supply Chain

The current demand for semiconductors has caused a supply shock triggering an unprecedented global chip shortage that shifted the deciding factor of silicon manufacturing investments from low-cost manufacturing to diversification of the global supply chain.  While most major global semiconductor manufacturers are looking for opportunities to diversify risk via establishment of new facilities in new locations, world leading countries are seeing exponential investments in semiconductors to reduce their reliance on other countries.
Supply chain resilience became critical and the ability to be self-independent is highly desired.  Europe has the unique opportunity to expand semiconductor manufacturing enabling supply chain resilience for its broader semiconductor industry and ultimately to fuel EU economics growth.  This session will focus on the criticality and opportunity for Europe to grow semiconductor independence and growing global impact.




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