CATEGORIES: Water extraction, Water treatment and distribution, Sewage & waste water treatment, Pollution control for surface and underground waters, Construction services, No dig, IT services, Flood Management, Industrial water use, Technology and equipment for maintenance and cleaning of swimming pools and water reservoirs; Measuring, regulating and analysis equipment, Technology for extraction, bottling and distribution of drinking water.

Water Sofia 2017

WATER SOFIA is a unique business exhibition in the national water sector dedicated to the problems of rational use of water, water infrastructure, sustainable management of risks, floods and other natural disasters. The forum focuses on the application of modern information and communication technologies for rational management of water resources.

Bulgarian water sector faces numerous challenges for its modernization. There are exceptional opportunities provided by the funding under Operational Program „Environment 2014-2020“, and innovative technologies that might lead to effective utilization of resources.

Part of the side-events program of WATER SOFIA is the 9th conference BULAQUA organized by BWA. It concerns topical issues for the sector. At the conference in 2016 participants enjoyed special attention by the President of the European Water Association Karoly Kovacs.

The European Association took part in a specialized forum for water and sewerage operators and designers for the proper distribution of investment and determining the cost of construction and operation of treatment facilities.

„The exhibition each year develops further and further, as the competition intensifies. The audience is specialized and we are visited by the right customers, which is extremely important“, commented the participating companies.

They assessed positively the parallel conduct of WATER SOFIA along with the country’s leading exhibition for industrial equipment MACHTECH & INNOTECH EXPO.

„We rely on the efficient use of EU funds in Bulgaria Sector for the sector of Environment – water and waste. Moreover, at the exhibition we look for more partners from the countries in the region – Greece, Macedonia, Turkey“, commented the business representatives.

In 2017 the Forum will again present efficient technologies for water extraction, water supply, rehabilitation and construction of water supply, purification of water and wastewater systems and equipment for maintenance of facilities, inspection and cleaning of ponds.

WATER SOFIA enjoys visitor interest from manufacturers, distributors and retailers, representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Water, engineers and experts in the water sector, representatives of state and municipal authorities, representatives of water companies, heads of state and private industrial enterprises, representatives of national and international organizations, students and more.


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