This webinar will address key basilar features of sanitary landfills. All over the world various waste management strategies are being implemented according to different geographic conditions (culture, climate, economic and social conditions, etc.).

But in any considered strategies landfilling plays a fundamental role.
Although knowledge about landfilling has significantly advanced and related technologies developed quite significantly, still mis-planning and mis-operation can be observed worldwide, often supported by regulations that need to be updated.

This webinar is specially tailored for anybody who wish to be introduced to landfill science and practice, being the base for entering into deeper details by attending further Sardinia Academy webinars dedicate to landfill drainage systems, landfill top covers, sustainable landfilling, leachate recirculation, leachate treatment, biogas management, pretreatment, etc.



  • Waste Management strategies
  • Role of landfilling
  • Multibarriers and mass balance
  • Processes
  • Landfill planning scheme and siting
  • Conceptual design and components
  • Technical structures (lining, emission management)
  • Operational issues (waste deposition, covering, monitoring, etc.)
  • Pretreatment and in situ treatment options
  • Long term control and final remarks



Raffaello CossuUniversity of Padova (IT)
Rainer Stegmann
Hamburg University of Technology (DE)


THURSDAY 25 FEBRUARY 2021 / 10:00 – 13:00

Organised by Sardinia Academy of Waste Management

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