SOx, NOx and particulate matter, all are under the scanner as the IMO moves towards regulating emissions from ship engines. NOx Tier III requirements in place in the North American and US Caribbean Emission Control Areas (ECAs), the global Sulphur cap comes in force from 2020, and the EU’s regulation on monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 emissions are creating a whole range of challenges.

The inaugural EMTECH – Ship Emissions Technology Conference, will put the spotlight on technology solutions for all aspects of emissions control. Owners, Operators, regulators and technology providers will interface on commercially viable solutions, and demonstrate technologies that have proven success.

Emissions compliance for shipping is no longer optional. With a plethora of legislation on the Sulphur cap, NOx and CO2, owners are evaluating compliance effectiveness, operational ease and commercial benefits of various technologies. From SCR to Scrubbers, EGR, Water injection or engine component modification, the EMTECH conference will lay bare the technical advantages, compliance effectiveness and CAPEX / OPEX considerations.

EMTECH will be part of The Bunkering Week, which once again brings together 3 separate conferences designed to explore disparate yet linked issues for the industry. Get in-depth and detailed market insights from experts who are taking the decisions, assess peer strategies and give shape to your own in this unrivalled gathering of shipping and technology industry leaders.

Conference Highlights:

  • Shipping markets: In-depth review by segment
  • Ship owner investment: Considerations for various technologies
  • Scrubber systems: Technical, Commercial and Operational comparison’s
  • NOx reduction technologies: Case studies, Costs, and Compliance
  • Case Studies on technology: Implementations and effectiveness
  • Regulator enforcement: Systems, Timeframes and Penalties



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Testata giornalistica registrata presso il Tribunale di Milano in data 07.02.2017 al n. 60

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