Industrial Waste Management – New opportunities

8 Aprile 2021

Waste management



This webinar will address industrial waste management, starting from the presentation of basic definitions, statistics & practices and reaching out to new opportunities that arise through the adoption of modernized approaches.

The inadequate management and disposal of industrial waste has been identified historically and continues to be so today under some conditions, particularly in developing countries, underlying severe environmental impacts. In the frame of preserving nature resources and high environmental quality, as well as protecting public health, most countries are focusing on developing and implementing innovative waste management schemes.

The majority of these schemes view waste as a valuable resource for industry, and in the same way as municipal waste, industrial waste has now been included in the urban mining concept. The traditional linear logic of take-make waste is gradually turning into a circular strategy, according to which all residues should be minimized, reused, and recycled before handling and treatment prior to final disposal. Whole new opportunities arise, in an effort to accomplish major economic benefits and contribute to innovation, growth and job creation.


  • Industrial waste: definitions, properties and categories
  • Industrial waste in numbers
  • Traditional industrial waste management: goals and options
  • Modern approaches in industrial waste management – new opportunities
  • Examples / case studies


Evangelos GidarakosTechnical University of Crete (GR)

THURSDAY 8 APRIL 2021 / 10:00 – 13:00

Organised by Sardinia Academy of Waste Management

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