Landfill gas: modelling and management

1 Aprile 2021
Waste management

The webinar “Landfill gas: modelling and management” provides a comprehensive overview on biogas production from landfills, its extraction and transportation as well as possibilities for LFG utilization. Based on the fundamentals of anaerobic fermentation processes, basics on LFG production modeling will be presented, including the approaches used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for Greenhouse gas emissions calculation. Further examples for the target-oriented use of the model results will be provided.

Problems and risks associated with LFG are highlighted, such as explosion protection and options for LFG cleaning and upgrading. A central aspect of the webinar exists with the exemplarily design and dimensioning of a LFG extraction system for a virtual landfill. The webinar concludes with the demonstration of different possibilities for energy recovery from LFG. Here, examples for the more traditional utilization in gas engines and latest developments in LFG upgrading will be discussed. In addition, an overview on different possibilities for poor gas treatment will be presented. Nowadays poor gas treatment (i.e. LFG relatively low in methane concentration) becomes more important since many landfills show reduced gas generation rates due to the ban of organic wastes for landfilling EU member states.


  • Background and motivation
  • Overview on LFG
  • LFG generation and its calculation by means of modelling
  • LFG characteristics in terms of components
  • LFG collection
  • LFG treatment & utilization
  • Poor gas treatment
  • Conclusions



Marco RitzkowskiHamburg University of Technology (DE)

THURSDAY 1 APRIL 2021 / 10:00 – 13:00

Organised by Sardinia Academy of Waste Management

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