The future of the cosmetic industry

1 Luglio 2020

cosmetic industry



Webinar: tks event organiser on behalf of HPC Today – Household and Personal Care Today journal invites you to join our LIVE CONFERENCE on the future of the cosmetic industry.

Topics covered:

  • Artificial intelligence to predict the cosmeceutical bioactivities of complex natural products
  • Development of Integrated Cell & Molecular Physiological Platforms to Investigate the Efficacy of Natural Products on Skin Health; In Vivo, In Vitro and Organotypic Model Approaches
  • Wearable platforms for monitoring skin health


CHAIRPERSON: Giulio Fezzardini, HPC Today Project Leader

Presenter: Jose M. Prieto, Associated Professor at Liverpool John Moores University

Presenter: Ronan Murphy, Lecturer in Cell and Molecular Physiology, School of Health & Human Performance, Dublin City University

Presenter: Aoife Morrin, Associate Professor at the School of Chemical Science Dublin City University


DATE: Wednesday, July 1st , 2020

TIME: 3:00 PM (Rome)

DURATION: 90 Minutes

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