APPEA, Perth (Australia)

14 - 17 Maggio 2017

APPEA 2017


Perth (Australia)

The APPEA Conference and Exhibition is the Australian upstream oil and gas industry’s premier annual event. APPEA 2017 will bring together oil and gas professionals, industry leaders, analysts and policymakers from across Australia and around the world. APPEA has again produced an outstanding three-day conference program.

International experts and Australian industry leaders will provide up-to-date analysis, case studies and technical know-how on the big issues facing our industry. Politicians, executives and analysts will discuss the policy concerns confronting us. This event remains the best forum for examining the issues facing our industry—and our strongest platform for conveying our key messages to politicians, our supplier partners and the media. APPEA 2017 will celebrate the Australian oil and gas industry’s many achievements, but will also take a hard look at the difficulties created by this extended period of low oil prices.




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