Frontiers International Conference on Wastewater Treatment

Today multidisciplinary is a key and a must for solving issues in the water field. The works in several International Water Association (IWA) Specialist Groups have demonstrated the importance of both innovative technologies and mathematical modelling, and that the exchange of scientific and technical information among researchers and practitioners involved in these fields is crucial for effectively advancing knowledge. Indeed, mathematical modelling has the advantage of allowing scenario analysis before designing the real plant in order to ensure an optimised system. To foster the multidisciplinary collaboration among different water specialists the dialogue is a must in order to better share specific knowledge. The FICWTM 2017, Frontiers International Conference on Wastewater Treatment, seeks to create a forum for promoting the discussion amongst scientists, professionals and academia in different areas of the broader theme of environmental engineering and sciences. To facilitate discussion no parallel sessions will be organized and the number of participants will be limited to highly motivated professionals. FICWTM 2017 is also a part of the research project PRIN-GHG which is about the reduction of greenhouse gas from wastewater treatment plants.

The wealth of information exchanged in this international meeting is expected to be of great benefit to all involved in challenging environmental issues caused by the increase of pollutants loads discharged into natural environment ecosystems. Those challenges require the building of a regulatory framework as well as control strategies. This framework needs to be based on scientific evidence associated with exposure and health risk for pollution prevention and remediation strategies. The application of innovative remedial techniques and new scientific methods is key in order to reach sustainable development. It is therefore crucial to address the existing pollution problems, and protect public health as well as preserve the welfare of the environment.

The application of cost-effective technologies for waste treatment and controls is much needed in order to make possible the implement of appropriate regulatory measures that insure success of broader policy in pollution prevention.

Engineers and scientists working in water sector area need to be familiar with a wide range of issues including the physical processes of mixing and dispersion, biological developments and mathematical modelling. Hence, a continuous exchange of information between water professionals in different parts of the world is essential.

Protection of the environment, one of the pillars of sustainable development, is an absolute priority for the international community. In this context, the FICWTM conference aims to focus on relevant experiences, up-to-date scientific research and findings carried out all over the world to protect and preserve the environment.

On behalf of the Organizers
Prof. Giorgio Mannina – Chair FICWTM

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Testata giornalistica registrata presso il Tribunale di Milano in data 07.02.2017 al n. 60

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