ISEC 2022 – 2nd International Sustainable Energy Conference, Graz (Austria)

4 - 7 Aprile 2022
Congress Graz, Albrechtgasse, Graz, Austria

The 2nd International Sustainable Energy Conference will take place on 04-07 April, 2022 at Congress Graz in Austria.

Conference for Renewable Heating and Cooling in Integrated Urban and Industrial Energy Systems

In order to implement the agreement on global warming reached at the UN climate change conference in Paris, in December 2015, an almost complete phasing out of fossil energy supply is required by 2050. This presents enormous challenges for the society, but also offers a lot of opportunities for research and industry to make a global contribution to this change.

The International Sustainable Energy Conference – ISEC 2022, organized by AEE INTEC, sees itself as a promoter for innovative ideas in the areas of renewable energy systems and resource efficiency and is intended to be a forum for research, industry and energy policy. With this ISEC 2022 intends to contribute to the challenges as described above.

ISEC 2022 – a forum for research, business and energy policy.


  • Call for abstracts: 07 September – 24 October 2021
  • Review phase: November – December 2021
  • Full papers: 15 December 2021 – 31 January 2022



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