ISS Europe Industry Strategy Symposium 2018, Dublino (Ireland)

04 – 06 Marzo 2018
Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin

ISS Europe 2018 will address the challenges and opportunities of the Global market.

The conference will follow a refreshed format providing real insight into a wide range of areas that enable Global competitiveness. Following the traditional, but expanded, briefing on markets attendees will be informed on how successful international supply chains are set up and managed and how to ensure access to an educated and motivated work force.
In a new initiative, CEO’s from a wide range of top European companies will debate the best ways to compete globally, along with discussions on successful manufacturing in Europe and mechanisms to support innovation. The conference will close with a strategic view of future technology domains that, if exploited successfully, will have significant impact on European technology leadership, together with related investment and economic return.

The symposium will provide practical insight into the applications now driving the development of our industry and how all the key links in the value chain can and must work together to create and maintain industrial leadership. It will address the fundamental technology development that must occur to enable this leadership. Finally, it will provide information as to what this means to the markets that the industry serves – markets that are being revolutionised as the digital economy develops.
With a combination of inspiring presentations, unparalleled networking amongst senior industry leaders, ISS Europe provides participants with an environment to help stimulate ideas and strategies to take advantage of the opportunities that are rapidly developing in our industry.

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Testata giornalistica registrata presso il Tribunale di Milano in data 07.02.2017 al n. 60

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