Remote HMI


The 19″ Thin Client operator stations are most frequently used in hazardous areas, Zone 1, 21. Thin Clients are the best solution when it comes to flexible data access – via the IP address it is possible to access any PC or any network from any client, thus providing the operator with the best possible flexibility on site. The ET-556 communicates over standard Ethernet (TCP/IP) or fiber optic, thus enabling RDP, VNC and Netc@p, as well as LAN, WLAN and Internet.

All HMIs of the ET-500 series come with our special Remote HMI firmware for enhanced Thin Client security. Designed as a “closed system” with the highest level of security and protection against external manipulations, this Remote HMI firmware controls network communications,
password assignment, block operator input, and IP address assigment. In the rare case of a system failure, the BACKUP / RECOVERY solution via USB stick allows to immediately restore the original state.

The ET-556 with its luminous 19″ LED backlit display comes standard with an intuitive touch screen; hardware keyboard, trackball, mouse, joystick, and touch pad are also available. For drilling rig or outdoor applications, we have developed the innovative sunlight readable display with pole filter system that filters distracting reflection and glare, thus ensuring best screen readability even in bright sunlight.



  • PC remote control over: KVM / VNC / RDP / Netc@p
  • Authorized access only: Closed system restricted to authorized individuals
  • Optional password activation system
  • Optional block user input
  • Configuration export/import
  • Fallback connections provide high system availability



Nuova telecamera AFZ per aree a rischio di esplosione

R. STAHL presenta la telecamera AFZ per aree a rischio esplosione, dotata di tecnologia con morsettiera Ex

interruttori di sicurezza

Interruttori di sicurezza R. STAHL oltre la Classe 1

I sezionatori a norma EN 62626-1 con contatto ausiliario per disconnessione CF vanno oltre la Classe 1

armatura illuminante d'emergenza

L'armatura illuminante d'emergenza a LED di R. STAHL

Con l'armatura illuminante d'emergenza a LED serie 6009/1 R. STAHL presenta l'ultimo sviluppo della linea EXLUX