Remote I/O

R. STAHL is actively taking part with prototypes to jointly design the “Future Remote I/O”. Besides support of modern protocols, a long-lived and flexible I/O level is required as well. Based on experience with thousands of globally installed IS1 systems, R. STAHL now presents the most up-to-date I/O modules with IS1+. The futureproof system solution for complex requirements in hazardous areas of today and tomorrow.


  • Multifunctional modules allow for a mixture of analogue inputs/outputs, digital inputs/outputs and resistance thermometers/thermocouples
  • Extended lifetime of up to 15 years with the new low-power technology
  • Increased temperature range from -40 to +75°C, as well as for extreme environmental conditions
  • Channel status LEDs for Zone 1 modules for easy commissioning and troubleshooting.
  • Integrated diagnostics, inspired by NAMUR 107, gives warning of failures in due time and also give an optical alarm with a blue LED
  • Zone 2 installation and Zone 0/1 field devices – even more effective now with the new, cost-saving modules
  • 100% compatibility with the previous modules – easy replacement and upgrading of existing installations




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